Seiki Seminar with Frans Copers Sensei

Date:      7 & 8 February 2020
Where:  Okido Yoga Centre, Van Ostadestraat 387, Amsterdam
Time:      9:30-12:30 & 14:00 – 17:00 hrs
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What is Seiki?

Seiki was developed by Kishi Akinobu Sensei. The touch, working method and background is different from shiatsu, yet there are similarities. In a zen-like manner one could say: they are simultaneously different and the same.

One works with the principle of ‘Wei Wu Wei’ (‘Doing by Not Doing’). Though Kishi used to say: Not doing does not mean doing nothing! Seiki is rooted in Shinto, the early nature-based religion of Japan. Seiki is according to Kishi “not a therapy, but a fundamental way to maintain the body’s natural health, developing the individual’s desire and autonomy in life and in his/her every tasks”.

Seiki complements shiatsu beautifully. The Seiki treatments that I have received (from Frans) have been very relaxing, to my surprise the relaxation kicks in very early on in the treatment and is very deep.

Kishi & Frans Copers

Kishi was a student of Namikoshi and Masunaga and worked as a successful shiatsu therapist for many years. After some time he found himself dissatisfied with the results of his treatments and the techniques that he used. He developed another way of working and treating, where one aims for a maximum result with a minimum of intervention.

Frans was a student of Kishi during 20 years and accompanied him along his many travels in Europe. Frans now teaches Seiki himself throughout Europe and in Asia. He studied shiatsu at the Iokai school in Japan mostly with Kimura Sensei, he studied macrobiotics with Lima Ohsawa and Aikido in the Honbu dojo of a.o. Kishumaru and Moriteru Ueshiba.

The Seminar

This 2-day seminar will be an introduction to Seiki. We will exercise and prepare our hands with Gyo Ki (breathing with your hands); resonance between therapist and client; as well as the basic kata in supine and prone \  position as well as sitting.

Language: if non-Dutch speakers will join this seminar, it will be in English. If everybody speaks Dutch, it will be in Dutch.

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More information about Seiki, Kishi and Frans Copers can be found on Frans’ website

The information in this leaflet on Seiki and Kishi is taken from Frans Copers’ book Sei-ki, Life in Resonance, September 2018.