Shiatsu Seminars herfst 2022

Onze nascholingen zijn geaccrediteerd door de Shiatsu Vereniging Nederland.

Yay! Er staan 3 hele mooie nascholingen gepland in de herfst van 2022!

Diego Sanchez Uruguay

Heart – Womb / Prostate Axis

16 & 17 September 2022, 9.30-17 hrs

Location: Amsterdam,

Cost 295 euro

Ayurveda, TCM and Shamanism coincide in describing the Heart and Uterus / Prostate channel as the energetic axis of (wo)men. In Chinese Medicine the meridian is called Bar Mai channel. For many (wo)men this area is blocked or not functioning properly. In this seminar we will delve into feeling connected to your heart, to your womb/prostate and to aligning the two. Working with the communication from your heart to the womb/prostate and vice versa we can identify any potential blockages and can work with restoring a proper communication. Matching this to your life story will give a complete picture of where you are standing in the present and the possibility of materializing your life purpose with the awareness of “love in action”. Also the Bao Mai channel works good for;

  • fertility issues
  • menopause / andropause
  • anorgasmia
  • menstrual issues
  • insomnia
  • migraines / headaches
  • digestive issues
  • obsessive behavior

No previous experience is needed. This course is open to general public & therapists of different disciplines. Diego will use guided meditation, visualisation and demonstration to delve into this. It is possible for you to bring to the table one of your own cases and get a tutorial session for yourself or your client.

No previous experience is needed. This seminar is open to anyone interested & therapists of different disciplines. It’s possible to bring to the table your own case and get a tutorial session for yourself or your client. One on one sessions are available before & after the seminar. Let’s work on

=> Loving what you do & doing what you love;

=> Re.connecting to your life purpose with a more efficient & loving energy source


  • email for participation
  • Please note possible Covid measures may apply
  • Min amount of participants: 10 – max. amount of participants 24

Long Covid behandelen

Datum: 30 september 2022

Docenten: Arina Marsman (accupuncturist & kruiden) & Yvonne van Remmen

Locatie: Den Haag, dicht bij Den Haag Centraal Station

Kosten 150 euro

In dit 1 daags seminar gaan we kijken naar de onderliggende patronen voor Long Covid vanuit de TCM en geven we praktische handvatten om Long Covid te behandelen. In de ochtend gaan we ook in op de laatste stand van zaken rond klachten, wetenschappelijk onderzoek en behandelstrategie vanuit een Westers perspectief. Daarna stappen we over naar de Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde en gaan we in op onderliggende energetische patronen en behandelstrategieen. Daarbij krijg je een overzicht van de belangrijkste acupunctuurpunten. Natuurlijk zorgen we ook voor oefentijd. Kortom na deze 1 daagse weet je:

  • Wat zijn de belangrijkste klachten van Long Covid? Wat is de laatste stand van zaken rond wetenschappelijk onderzoek en behandelstrategie [Yvonne van Remmen]
  • Hoe de klachten volgens de TCM te bezien [Arina Marsman, acupuncturist, Qing Bai docent & kruiden, zie:]
  • Welke behandelstrategieen en accupunctuurpunten toe te passen in je shiatsu behandeling
  • Self care tips
  • Praktijk – uitwisseling!
  • Mogelijk om klanten mee te nemen met klachten in het middagdeel
  • Aanmelding:
    • email
    • Please note possible Covid measures may apply
    • Minimaal aantal deelnemers: 10 – max. 24

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14 & 15 October: Mike Mandl on

The Power of Water

Mike Mandl on Power of Water

Location: Amsterdam,

Times: 9.30 – 17hrs

Cost: 295 euro

The energy of the Water Element is the most powerful resource in our system. To really understand the water element, we have to understand the trigram Kan of the I Ching. Kan is the key to develop Qi, vitality, longevity, willpower and sexual drive. It can be the root of many diseases, from back pain to Tinnitus to Long Covid. 

In these two days we will deepen our Shiatsu by developing an understanding of Kan which will help us with the treatment of many symptoms. Water is the root of Yin and Yang in our body, as the trigram Kan contains water and fire. So we have to ask ourselves the question if the Kyo has Yin or Yang character, if the Jitsu has Yin or Yang character and treat accordingly.

But Kan (Ming = “destiny / calling”) has also a very deep spiritual meaning. Kan invites us, to walk our Ming through the power of our Shen, our spirit. Again: Water and Fire come together to create a unique power that can navigate us joyfully & meaningfully trough life.

 Focus points

–      Understanding Kan,

–      Diagnosis & Pathologies of the Water Element according to Yin and Yang

–      Effective and clinical proven treatment protocols

–      The use of Moxa, herbs and other external methods

–       How to build up Qi and use it & How to get in contact with Ming


  • Please email
  • note possible Covid measures may apply
  • Min amount of participants: 10 – max. amount of participants 24


April 2023: Mike Mandl – topic to be determined

19 & 20 May 2023: Philippe van Abeele – Ampuku workshop

Philippe Vandenabeele is a senior Shiatsu practitioner and teacher based in Fukuoka, Japan. He has specialized in Ampuku and wrote a book about it. His book ‘Ampuku Abdominal Acupressure: The Classics at the Heart of Japanese Bodywork’ is available at Amazon. Once a year he visits Europe to teach workshops. For more information:

Ampuku is an abdominal massage that focuses on – but is not restricted to – the Hara.  Masunaga wrote: ‘Ampuku is a very important part of Shiatsu and can contribute enormously toward helping the critically ill and those patients who require calm but penetrating manipulation. Ampuku therapy not only allows the patient to remain tranquil, it also rehabilitates the patient’s internal functioning’. 

In Japan and in the Japanese healing arts the belly or ‘Hara’ is seen as an important – even the most important – energetic centre of the body. This energetic centre is considered as a microcosm that has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing and vitality. In recent years, scientific research has deepened our understanding of the importance of the belly and the gut, and the enteric nervous system, on our overall health; the number of studies, articles and books on the subject increases every year.



Gabriella Poli Part 2: Fascia Release & Shiatsu

30 March, 1 & 2 April 2022 at Shofukan, Japanese Centre in Charlois, Rotterdam. Originally scheduled to take place in April 2020 but was postponed because of the consecutive Covid Lockdowns…


Frans Copers (Belgium) Seiki – part II, 8 & 9 June 2021 in The Hague

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Gabriella Poli – Fascia II 8, 9, 10 October 2020 (rescheduled due to COVID19) / Amsterdam (FULL)

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Frans Copers (Belgium), Seiki Seminar: introduction to Seiki, 7 & 8 February 2020

* * *
Mike Mandl (Austria) “Shiatsu & Insomnia
Friday 15 & Saturday 16 March 2019

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Leisa Bellmore (Canada) “Touching the Brain” – 13 + 14 oktober 2018 in Amsterdam
meer info

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Gabriella Poli (Italie): 21 en 22 september 2018 in Amsterdam

* * *

Mike Mandl (Oostenrijk): 11 en 12 mei 2018 in Amsterdam (meer info)

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Diego Sanchez (Uruguay): 23-25 maart 2018 in Amsterdam (meer info)

Mike Mandl – Diagnosis – 9 en 10 juni 2017

Diego Sanchez – Grounding, being focussed and rooted – 3 maart 2017

Diego Sanchez – Shiatsu for Critical Illness Patients – 4 en 5 maart 2017

Mike Mandl – Depression & Burn Out – 10 en 11 december 2016