Leisa Bellmore


“How to approach Neurological Conditions?”
A seminar on Migraine, Alzheimer’s and Neuralgia. 
Also included: an Introduction to Research

Given the powerful effect of Shiatsu on the nervous system, it has a great potential in symptom management and improving quality of lifein neurological conditions, including common ones such asmigraine and Alzheimer’s disease.. Roughly 15% of the world population lives with migraine. Approximately 47 million live with Alzheimer’s (or related dementia) and it is expected to rise to epidemic proportions. Biomedical treatment options are less than ideal. Neuralgia is another common condition with many causes, which greatly impacts patients.

We’ve invited Leisa to the Netherlands to teach us about her experience in working with people with Alzheimer’s. How do you treat people with Alzheimer’s? How do you build confidence with them? How do you approach their caregivers? Additionally, Leisa has seenmany positive results with patients with migrainethrough hershiatsu treatments and she will provide us with some of the techniques that she uses.

In this seminar you will learn how shiatsu can complement biomedical care for these neurological conditions. Ample time will be devoted to practicing shiatsu approaches that work well for these conditions, allowing practitioners to confidently incorporate these techniques into their practice.

An introduction to Research

Therapists are rarely taught the basics of research that can allow them to confidently use research to inform their practice and allow them to pursue their own research projects. Leisa has beendoing research for several years and believes it is one waytoputshiatsu on the map in the medical world. Given the positive results of shiatsu for a wide variety of conditionswe feel it is time to increaseawareness ofshiatsu inthe medical world. We will talk about ways to enhancethe profile of shiatsu, both with healthcare providers and with the public.

About Leisa Bellmore

Leisa Bellmore is a Namikoshi Shiatsu therapist, speaker and researcher who has been practicing since 2001. She works at the Artists’ Health Centre, an integrative clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. Leisa has presented and published across Canada and internationally and is a past president of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. Leisa is currently pursuing an MSc in Complementary Medicine Research. Her professional interests include self-care interventions and complementary / integrative healthcare for chronic conditions.

Main Focus:

  • Treatment options & self-care practices
  • Complementary healthcare research
  • Effective shiatsu techniques
  • Pathology & symptoms

Practical info:

When: Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 October 2018
Time: 10-17
Where: OkiDo Yoga, Van Ostadestraat 385, Amsterdam
Language: the course will be taught in English
Price: 225 (199 early bird)
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by: Shiatsu Nascholing & Jeannine Govaers


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