Gabriella Poli


Content of the course:                         

Fascia is the generic name used to define all connective tissues in our body.

It is a single smooth sheath that spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web from head to foot without interruption:  it covers, separates, supports, protects and provides cohesion to all the structures of our body (bones, muscles, nerves, organs, vessels, down to the cellular level).

Fascia restriction, which is caused by any non-resolved trauma or stress, may result in pain, contractions, limitations in the range of motions, dysfunctions of organs and body systems, misalignment in the posture.

Furthermore, Fascia is crucial from the energetic point of view as it is intimately connected with both our body denser structures, such as bones, muscles, ligaments, etc. and with our more expanded energetic structures of the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Its release, therefore, can be particularly effective as it will allow the denser structure to recover quantity and quantity of movement and function, and the more expanded structure their normal vibrational potential.

In this seminar participants will receive a theoretical introduction about Fascia. After the theory participants are taught Fascia release techniques to be applied throughout the body. We will talk about how these techniques can easily be integrated into your Shiatsu session. By combining Fascia release with your shiatsu you enhance the effectiveness and long lasting effects of your treatment.

About the teacher:

Gabriella Poli got in contact with Shiatsu for the first time in 1985, because of a physical problem that she overcame completely after a series of Shiatsu treatments.  It is after this experience, that she decided to leave her job in an Agency of the United Nations, where she was holding a consolidated and safe position, to totally dedicate herself to this discipline.

With great dedication Gabriella has always engaged to ensure a high quality training in the Rome Center, also through the enriching contribution of outside world-known Teachers, such as Clifford Andrews, Saul Goodman (with whom she completed the Shin Tai training program), Dianne Connelly, Pauline Sasaki and others.

Practical info:

When: Friday 21 & Saturday 22 September
Time: 09.30-17.00 (including 1 hour lunch break)
Where: Oki-Do Yoga, Van Ostadestraat 385, Amsterdam
Language: the course will be taught in English
Price: 225 (199 early bird) – buy your ticket here!

It’s going to be FASCI(A)NATING workshop!



Our cancellation policy:

Should something come up after you already booked the ticket, we have the following options:

  1. more than 3 weeks before the date: get 80% of the participation fee back
  2. less than 3 weeks before the date: unfortunately we can’t give you a refund
  3. see if you can find someone else to participate in the course & let us know