Gabriella Poli – Fascia II

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Fascia is the generic name used to define all connective tissues in our body. It is a single smooth sheath that spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web from head to foot without interruption:  it covers, separates, supports, protects and provides cohesion to all the structures of our body (bones, muscles, nerves, organs, vessels, down to the cellular level).

Fascia is crucial from the energetic point of view as it is intimately connected with both our body denser structures, such as bones, muscles, ligaments, etc. and with our more expanded energetic structures of the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Fascia restriction, which is caused by any non-resolved trauma or stress, may result in pain, contractions, limitations in the range of motions, dysfunctions of organs and body systems, misalignment in the posture.

Its release, therefore, can be particularly effective as it will allow the denser structure to recover quantity and quantity of movement and function, and the more expanded structure their normal vibrational potential.

Gabriella taught a seminar on Fascia in September 2018 for Shiatsu Nascholing. Due to demand, we asked her back. We totally love her work. Now, if you missed last year (accidents do happen), don’t be sad. Gabriella has offered to do the Thursday evening just for you. If you’ve done the course in 2018 and want to continue & delve deeperthis is the course for you.

In this Part 2 you will learn and experience:

  • how to work on the pelvic, respiratory and thoracic diaphragms’ restrictions using Fascia release techniques.
  • you will be shown specific Fascia techniques to realign lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebras. A peculiarity of these realignment techniques is that they are totally safe for the receiver as you will only use a light touch.
  • Because of the very deep and global impact of these release techniques on the energetic system of the receiver, you will also extensively practice their integration in a Shiatsu Session.

By combining fascia release with your shiatsu, you enhance the effectiveness and long lasting effects of your treatments.

Fascia release is powerful. The results of unwinding are really quite something else. Its going to be FASCI(A)NATING workshop!

Language: the seminar will be taught in English.

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